Monthly Archives: June 2016

Horror Writing 101

As we approach the launch of our 2016 Relevant Reads contest, we will be bringing you weekly tips and prompts to help get you started with your story submissions! We look forward to providing content related to each of our five contest categories, which we'll do over six weeks, breaking horror/suspense into two separate posts…
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Writer Wednesday Featuring Tiffany Jones

This week's Writer Wednesday features Tiffany Jones, author of Bully, The Alternative, Where is Beauty, Change of Heart, Starting Over, The Minorcans, and The Best News. Tiffany has been with Story Shares since the very beginning. Her story Bully earned her a finalist award in our first competition. At that time, Story Shares existed as…
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Monday Mini Contest Winners

Monday Mini Contest: noun.  a weekly competition intended to provoke creative thought and inspire story generation. Story Shares' Monday Mini Challenges are an interactive weekly fixture in which the organization's followers are asked to write one sentence in response to a given image. The challenge runs from Monday morning of each week to Thursday afternoon,…
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