Monthly Archives: September 2016

We Are Always More Than Our Test Scores

By Nicole Salvitti and Lisa Simon (for more information on using and writing poems for two voices, click here). As we write, we are adults who have passed successfully through many layers of education (Nicole has her M.S. and Lisa her literacy education). But, like so many learners, our school histories included painful times…
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2016 Judging Panel

We have an all new panel of judges this year in place to help us choose our 2016 Relevant Reads contest winners! These talented education and literacy professionals will be looking for those stories which best meet the criteria and goals of the Story Shares library: to engage struggling readers with content that is relevant…
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What Is Readability? It’s a Friendship in the Form of a Text.

By Nicole Salvitti and Lisa Simon Think about something you read recently. How did you come to read it?  Did it catch your eye and then, after reading a bit, you decided it was worth reading?  Is it something friends or colleagues have been reading and talking about? Did you hear a review that made…
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