Monday Mini Contest Winners

Monday Mini Contest: noun. 

a weekly competition intended to provoke creative thought and inspire story generation.

Story Shares' Monday Mini Challenges are an interactive weekly fixture in which the organization's followers are asked to write one sentence in response to a given image. The challenge runs from Monday morning of each week to Thursday afternoon, at which point a winner is chosen to receive bookish prizes.

The catch? Entries are only allowed to be six words in length, no more and no less. The first contest ended with 7 entries but in a few short weeks we found ourselves receiving over 100 entries regularly.

Each week, it is becoming increasingly difficult to narrow our selections from the growing pool of talent to a single winner. We greatly appreciate the response that we've received to this new feature and we always look forward to reading what our audience comes up with each new week.

Today, in honor of Writer Wednesday, we want to celebrate all of the Monday Mini finalists to date! We hope you've been or will be inspired by this small challenge to take those first few words and expand on them.

Every story begins with a single sentence. And we would love to read yours!


"Burning lungs, thighs. Worth every step."

 - Kyle Johnson


"There it is," I whispered softly.

- Whitney Hutchinson


"Nothing left but a child's whisper."

- Sylvia Moreno


"Though we escaped, we're still marked."  

- Jay Flores


"I don't fit in this workplace."

- Lisa Rotili


"The crooked climb turned into beauty."

- Ginger Tull

"Education: my path out of poverty."

- Tonya Varga


"Low tide revealed the storm's victims."

- PJ Heitman


"He dropped the knife in, satisfied."

- Celia Meloni Taylor


"Climb a tree; pluck a star."

- Aaron Wenzel


"She lives just below the surface."

- Gerry Kenney


"Wherever he traveled, home was near."

- Patti Bradshaw


"He brought it down to her."

- Barbara Campbell


"They don't believe you really talk."

- Kim Evans

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