Story Shares has had some inspiring success already, and we are excited to continue building on this as we evolve our literacy platform and initiative.

During the first phase, we ran The Story Shares Writing Contest, and received almost 600 story submissions in just 4 months. We had incredibly talented writers, educators, parents, and students who succeeded in creating great stories at a range of more accessible reading levels for struggling readers beyond elementary school.

We feel confident that the library collection will continue to grow, and that these stories will continue to make a meaningful difference for struggling readers and those who support them. Here’s why...


Where we’ve been mentioned:


“The site could become a popular reading destination that seeds a reading habit for older emerging readers. In addition, Story Shares stands to provide a venue for writers who craft books with low literacy in mind.”





edsurge“Older students who struggle with reading shouldn't be left with stories written for younger kids. Story Shares offers content for students beyond elementary school.”

~ EdSurge


teachersfirst“Story Shares is the perfect solution for finding relevant and readable content for older students unable to read above the elementary level. Digital content provides interesting material that doesn't condescend teen readers. Browse through titles or choose from the different genres to find available material. Login isn't required to read books. However, it allows you to add books to a reading list and to bookmark the stopping point while reading books.”

~ Teachers First





“Story Shares is a collaborative digital literacy hub that provides engaging and readable stories for middle and high school students who read below grade level. Check out their ever-growing library of original, just-right content!”






“This site creates interesting digital books for students but customizes them to their appropriate Reading Level.  This is ideal for students who want to read more age appropriate books but struggle w/ the content.  Also, these books come w/ built-in reading assistance to help them as well.  Authorscan even use Story Shares to create digital books using their creation wizard. I highly recommend checking out Story Shares by clicking here!!!”

~ Technology Tidbits


What we’ve heard from writers:

“This was an opportunity for me to try my hand at writing, something that I had always wanted to do. The online tools were very helpful. I also liked that this contest was more than just a writing contest. Knowing that my efforts would be helping so many struggling readers is what inspired me to keep writing.’’

“Winning the contest was a life-changing moment for me—it let me know that people really did enjoy my writing, and it has spurred me to keep writing—I’ve been working on a novel… So, thank you so much for the encouragement and opportunity.”

“It was a pleasure to participate in the contest and I'm so delighted that my story is a finalist in it. My son is a special-needs learner who has difficulty with reading comprehension, so the idea behind the contest is very dear to my heart. I'm happy to write anything that will help kids like my son enjoy reading and become better at it.”

“It was such a great time writing this story.  My three children helped me create and edit it, which was a lot of fun for us as a family.”


“I would love to get started right away on something new specifically for Story Shares.  This is something that I love to do and as far as compensation is concerned, having a platform for my writing to reach readers is the best form there is! Especially one whose goal is to improve literacy.”


“I am excited and honored for my story to be included in your collection.  I hope that it inspires at least one (hopefully many) student to enjoy the magic of reading! Thank you for everything, you are doing incredible work!”



What we’ve heard from experts:

“I thought all of the stories I read were very unique. They were terrific. And to me they seemed just right to the target audience you were going for.”

~ A.D. Pinkney, Executive Editor, Scholastic

"Reading for meaning opens opportunities for a lifetime of learning. Providing struggling readers with engaging texts that are designed to offer both challenge and support for each individual will improve their lives for years to come. Story Shares is a wonderful start."

~ D. Rose, Co-founder of CAST, Father of UDL, Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Ed

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these stories in a teen lit mag. I think one of the keys to their success is that the simplified language feels natural.”

~ M. Adelman, Editor



What we’ve heard from educators and parents:

“Jeremy is almost done writing his prequel to Jacob and the Bee Man.  It's amazing how much he wrote, being that it takes him almost a whole class period to write two sentences of nonfiction.  He did this all on his own accord – he came during his free time every day for a week, sat at my desk, and typed on my computer.  I'm so proud of his work.”


“The content is accessible for struggling readers or English language learners, without talking down to the reader. I like the use of easy to read words and simple sentences combined with interesting content. Well done!”

“I have introduced your digital books to special education teachers as well as to my students. I am really excited with what I see – high interest and high readability on a range of genres.”

A couple of students already finished reading an entire book, which is pretty wonderful!”

“One student actually left in school suspension today so she could tell me about what she read. She reads above grade level but sometimes it is hard to focus so having interesting, easy to comprehend material for her really makes a difference. She felt really accomplished today and she connected to the story. Thank you for creating this website. “ 

“This is incredible. Jared will never ever, ever write anything. But look how into it he is on Story Share!”


What we’ve heard from readers:

“We didn’t get to finish the story but I asked if we could keep reading it today! I really want to find out what Jacob did.”



“I like Bully because I had a similar experience.”

“I want to read more stories in this library because I love the ones I have read so far.”

“This is awesome!! Can I go on this site to find more stories to read?”

“I can’t wait to write my own story on here!”




What we’ve heard on social media:

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