Teen Romance Bundle
5 Steps to Win Her Heart Cover
5 Steps to Win Her Heart
by Natasha Lopez
Mateo's best friend Kat Nguyen breaks up with him, and he’s far from over it. He has to win her back, but how? The 1950s book "5 Steps to Win Her Heart" just might be the answer he’s looking for.
  • Reading Level: 1.1
  • Interest Level: Middle School
A Night to Remember Cover
A Night to Remember
by Tara Anders
When Aubree suggests stealing their rival school's mascot before the big game tomorrow night, she doesn't think Finn will actually take her up on it. This is sure to be a night to remember.
  • Reading Level: 3.8
  • Interest Level: High School
Apples Cover
by Destiny Sims
Adam and Abbey's lifelong love starts with sharing yellow apples in a little Tennessee town.
  • Reading Level: 3.1
  • Interest Level: High School, Post High School
Blue Snow Cover
Blue Snow
by Kevin James Moore
When Paul Joyce meets Anna at the Winter Dance, his world changes. But when the dance ends, the two are separated once more by an enormous brick wall.
  • Reading Level: 2.2
  • Interest Level: High School
Gift of the Curupira Cover
Gift of the Curupira
by Serge de Moliere
A love potion, some dark magic, and a warning from Elena's aunt . . . what can possibly go wrong?
  • Reading Level: 2.2
  • Interest Level: High School
Leap of Faith Cover
Leap of Faith
by Angela Dell'Isola
Jumping forward in time is dangerous and illegal, but the future is where Chase is. Will Eleanor break the rules and risk her life to be with him?
  • Reading Level: 2.6
  • Interest Level: High School
Of Rags and Riches Cover
Of Rags and Riches
by Abby Perrigoue
This rags-to-riches story takes a creative spin on the classic Cinderella tale. The rich Kaden asks street beggar Elizabeth to his family's ball, but what if everyone finds out who she really is?
  • Reading Level: 3.2
  • Interest Level: High School, Middle School
Raven's Talent Cover
Raven's Talent
by Emily Fluckiger
Raven is on a mission to impress her crush at the high school talent show, but when an accident ruins her plans, she learns that being herself is what makes her special.
  • Reading Level: 3.0
  • Interest Level: Middle School, High School