Intriguing Mysteries for High Schoolers Bundle
Annabelle, Annabelle Cover
Annabelle, Annabelle
by Kalynn Klein
Sarah doesn't mind babysitting her little sister, Annabelle—until strange things start happening. Things that make her wonder: are they even safe?
  • Reading Level: 3.1
  • Interest Level: High School
Dreamfeaster Cover
by Reiko Gresco
In the town of Blair, an inactive town full of inactive people, every day is a normal, systematic day. Nothing happens to disturb the routine . . . until one man moves to town.
  • Reading Level: 3.5
  • Interest Level: Middle School
Jorge Cover
by Brian Kirchner
The People Movers bandmates risk everything to reunite Jorge, an immigrant refugee child, with the parents he's been separated from.
  • Reading Level: 3.7
  • Interest Level: High School
Mind Trip Cover
Mind Trip
by Joy Stoffers
As I move away from my parents, home, and country at just eighteen years old, I am nervous but excited. Ben Holden will be the perfect husband! It isn't long, though, before dark secrets emerge.
  • Reading Level: 2.9
  • Interest Level: Post High School, High School
Old Man Death Cover
Old Man Death
by Ian Smith
Moving from Chicago to the small town of Cedar Creek is a big leap for Angela's senior year. It means a new school, new town, and new chance at life. Too bad her new neighbor is a murderer.
  • Reading Level: 4.5
  • Interest Level: High School
Tania's Palace Cover
Tania's Palace
by Brian Kirchner
Things are changing in Redford, Michigan when Yusuf’s girlfriend Tania goes missing. Will the People Movers figure out who’s behind Tania’s disappearance, and more importantly, find her in time?
  • Reading Level: 3.8
  • Interest Level: High School
The Manzanar Scrapbook Cover
The Manzanar Scrapbook
by Brian Kirchner
Valuable jewelry is stolen along with a scrapbook containing an old man's memories of being held as a boy in a Japanese-American internment camp in WWII. It's up to the People Movers to investigate.
  • Reading Level: 3.6
  • Interest Level: High School
The Syrian Drummer and the Cactus Crimson Paint Cover
The Syrian Drummer and the Cactus Crimson Paint
by Brian Kirchner
Can three friends put their minds together to save their new bandmate from the prejudices threatening him and his family?
  • Reading Level: 2.9
  • Interest Level: High School