Race and Racism Bundle
A Soul of a Sole Cover
A Soul of a Sole
by Eleanor Kapcar
Tired and worn, I've not been on anyone’s feet since Raymond, but I remember our journey well. At a time when black men were seen as no more than property, he'd had only one choice: to run. So we did.
  • Reading Level: 3.3
  • Interest Level: Post High School, High School
A Stranger in the Night Cover
A Stranger in the Night
by Ty Ciatto
When the narrator travels too far past his subway stop and finds himself in an unfamiliar neighborhood, he subconsciously makes judgments about the environment and its residents.
  • Reading Level: 5.1
  • Interest Level: Post High School, High School
Born in Danger Cover
Born in Danger
by Pius Agbangbatin
Dulani never thinks he'll grow old enough to tell his story to the world. People like him are often targeted for their differences — for their skin. To be albino in Malawi is a dangerous thing.
  • Reading Level: 5.9
  • Interest Level: Post High School, High School
Lily Azalea Cover
Lily Azalea
by Sharon Elwell
Lily Azalea wants to stay with Molly Rose, who treats her almost as if she's a white girl too. When Lily's mother arranges for Lily to escape through the Underground Railroad, she doesn't want to go.
  • Reading Level: 2.4
  • Interest Level: High School, Middle School, Late Elementary
Mrs. Townsend's Scrapbook Cover
Mrs. Townsend's Scrapbook
by Hannah Epperson
Some families store clothes or food in the cellar—Alta Winchester's family hides runaway slaves. When Pa doesn't come home one night, she knows it must be related to the Black man in the cellar.
  • Reading Level: 2.9
  • Interest Level: Middle School
Out of Time Cover
Out of Time
by Vivian Wolkoff
Emmett is a bright young man with a future full of potential - until people's prejudices get in the way.
  • Reading Level: 3.9
  • Interest Level: High School
Ripples of Hope Cover
Ripples of Hope
by Mary Flowers
When his older brother, Henry, leaves for war, Thomas and his family are devastated. Why would Henry risk his life for White people, who don't even value him as a human being?
  • Reading Level: 4.4
  • Interest Level: All Ages
Romeo and Me Cover
Romeo and Me
by Jennie Ford
Romeo and Caroline have always had a deep, easy friendship, but her pale skin and his dark skin make life beyond the farm so different.
  • Reading Level: 3.2
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary
Skeleton Valley Cover
Skeleton Valley
by Tom Rameaka
Will a hike to the infamous Skeleton Valley help to heal the strained relationship between two former best friends?
  • Reading Level: 3.4
  • Interest Level: Middle School, Late Elementary
The Whipping Words Cover
The Whipping Words
by Megan Dean
In a world of prejudice and slavery, May's enslaved nanny, Tula, finds freedom through reading, but it comes at a major cost.
  • Reading Level: 3.9
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary, Middle School