A Bit of the Supernatural Bundle
Alice Cover
by Pallas-Amenah Morgan
Alice is back in this modern and chilling tale, and she is most definitely mad.
  • Reading Level: 3.8
  • Interest Level: High School
Arachnids Cover
by Claire Kimani
In Amber, the land of spiders, humans like Imani are known as the cowards. But Anorae, against all she's been taught, finds them fascinating . . . until her world is shaken by tragedy.
  • Reading Level: 5.0
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary
Birds in the Rain Cover
Birds in the Rain
by Rachael Mockalis
Lucy's life is a series of bad days strung together. She feels incompetent and useless. But that all changes when she goes for a walk in the rain and meets Raphael.
  • Reading Level: 4.2
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary, Middle School
Blue Cover
by Gabriela Rivas
A sick young woman finds comfort in a cat as her husband looks for comfort in hopes of her recovery.
  • Reading Level: 2.1
  • Interest Level: Post High School
Chorus of Bells Cover
Chorus of Bells
by Natalie Walker
Lester, a skeptical young man, is patrolling the village cemetery for his first night as the graveyard lookout. He expects a silent night, but it ends up being anything but quiet.
  • Reading Level: 4.6
  • Interest Level: Post High School, High School
Into the Dark Woods Cover
Into the Dark Woods
by Kody Smith
Those who enter the Dark Forest do so without meaning to, having lost their way in life. Fortunately, there's someone who knows the darkness well and whose task it is to help others find their way.
  • Reading Level: 3.7
  • Interest Level: Post High School, High School
Shae's Grave Cover
Shae's Grave
by Robert Wonders
The last thing Jessie wants is to leave her home, her school, and her friends just to move into her grandmother's house. As it turns out, the house might not want her there either.
  • Reading Level: 2.3
  • Interest Level: Middle School
Snowglobe Cover
by Shantrell Lumpkin
Twin sisters Scarlet and Ivy discover a big secret about their little town on a snowy nighttime adventure.
  • Reading Level: 3.5
  • Interest Level: All Ages
Starting Over Cover
Starting Over
by Tiffany Jones
Sandra always knew that her nana was "eccentric," but she never could have guessed just how strange and wonderful her grandma's gifts would be.
  • Reading Level: 4.2
  • Interest Level: Post High School
The Family Cover
The Family
by Sandra Ford
Calli has just turned 14. Without warning, her parents tell her they must move "for her own safety." Soon she discovers a dark family secret & learns that her parents aren't who or what she thought.
  • Reading Level: 2.6
  • Interest Level: High School
The House of Memories Cover
The House of Memories
by Nino Kotolashvili
Imagine if a house could tell tales about the conversations and wonders it sees. The home in this story might be unable to speak, but maybe a visitor from the past can keep its artistic spirit alive.
  • Reading Level: 3.5
  • Interest Level: Post High School
The Palace Cover
The Palace
by Sophie Rathmann
The Palace is old and sad. People fear it and for good reason. Every year, a lottery is held in town to determine who will be sent to The Palace as a sacrifice to keep the evil at bay.
  • Reading Level: 3.6
  • Interest Level: Middle School, High School
The Picture Cover
The Picture
by Michelle Rawls
Abandoned schools can be creepy, especially when students from one classroom keep disappearing. Can college students Marcy, Min, and Rachel figure out where the students are and why they went missing?
  • Reading Level: 3.4
  • Interest Level: High School, Post High School
The Wristwatch Cover
The Wristwatch
by Elizabeth Ludlam
After the death of Jessica's parents she's sent to live with her Great Aunt Genevive who robs her of all her belongings except one: her mother's watch. But any minute now her life will change forever.
  • Reading Level: 4.6
  • Interest Level: High School