Taking To the Woods Bundle
A Set of Wings Cover
A Set of Wings
by Linda Peng
Andrew is ill and because of this, his world grows smaller every day as his parents try to keep him safe. All he needs is one person to understand that there's more to living than staying alive.
  • Reading Level: 3.4
  • Interest Level: High School
Attain the Unattainable Cover
Attain the Unattainable
by Andrew Sellers
This book details the obstacles that a young man faces on the adventures of a lifetime.
  • Reading Level: 5.2
  • Interest Level: Middle School
Bloody Island Cover
Bloody Island
by Robert Wonders
The forest gnome Dorr is tired of his parents telling him what to do, so he runs away. It's a long journey, though, and one filled with danger, especially for someone only six inches tall.
  • Reading Level: 3.4
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary
Cabin Nine Cover
Cabin Nine
by Sophie Rathmann
Jamie has a love-hate relationship with her camp counselor role. She loves the girls in her cabin, but they often test her patience. However, they make sure to let her know how much she means to them.
  • Reading Level: 4.2
  • Interest Level: High School
Calls of the Lonesome Cover
Calls of the Lonesome
by Audrey Fatone
Senior year has ended, and the narrator finds herself tackling a hike through The Devil's Path in order to run from recent mistakes. Will time alone with her thoughts consume or heal her?
  • Reading Level: 4.3
  • Interest Level: High School
Click Cover
by Sophie Rathmann
Gwen and her dad have their annual summer hiking trip coming up, but right now, things are complicated between them. Will the time together help them to meet in the middle or drive them farther apart?
  • Reading Level: 4.1
  • Interest Level: High School
Finders Keepers: A Creative Escape Cover
Finders Keepers: A Creative Escape
by Robert Wonders
At first, this group of Gnomes thought their biggest worry was being trapped in a chamber. Now, they must also solve the mystery of stolen treasure before the thief claims the riches for himself.
  • Reading Level: 3.4
  • Interest Level: Middle School
Finders Keepers: Fighting for Fairness Cover
Finders Keepers: Fighting for Fairness
by Robert Wonders
The Gnomes learn the Troll's plan and know where to find him. But can they find the treasure's owner in time to stop the thief?
  • Reading Level: 3.3
  • Interest Level: Middle School
Finders Keepers: Tricky Troll Traps Cover
Finders Keepers: Tricky Troll Traps
by Robert Wonders
After-school exploring quickly goes wrong when this group of Gnomes finds themselves stuck in a mysterious chamber.
  • Reading Level: 2.8
  • Interest Level: Middle School
In the Pines Cover
In the Pines
by Jennie Ford
Caroline grows up on a small farm in North Carolina, where the past finds some ways to repeat itself.
  • Reading Level: 2.4
  • Interest Level: Middle School, High School
The Crown Cover
The Crown
by Sydney Osterday
Bailey takes a walk through the forest to find inspiration for an essay, but new friends and dangerous adventures in a magical world take her on an exciting journey home.
  • Reading Level: 1.1
  • Interest Level: High School, Middle School, Late Elementary