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A Skateboarding Story
by Tammy Griffith
Three friends, one rock, and a busted window—that's how everything changes.
  • Reading Level: 3.1
  • Interest Level: Middle School
by Tiffany Jones
Holly is lonely and angry. To avoid being bullied, she becomes the bully herself. Can something as small as a ring change everything?
  • Reading Level: 3.3
  • Interest Level: High School
Jacob's Trouble
by Kelly Winters
Life isn't fair; that's what makes Jacob so angry and what pushes him onto a path that's leading towards trouble.
  • Reading Level: 2.1
  • Interest Level: High School
Jacob and the Bee Man
by Kelly Winters
Jacob has committed a crime, and now it's time to pay for it. Will his bad decisions stick with him forever, or can he grow past them?
  • Reading Level: 1.5
  • Interest Level: High School
Leap of Faith
by Angela Dell'Isola
Jumping forward in time is dangerous and illegal, but the future is where Chase is. Will Eleanor break the rules and risk her life to be with him?
  • Reading Level: 2.6
  • Interest Level: High School
No Pickles for Annabelle
by Dollie Stiemsma
As a pickle farmer's daughter and a fifth grader with terrible spelling skills, Annabelle believes she is destined to pick prickly green pickles and be the worst speller forever.
  • Reading Level: 4.7
  • Interest Level: Middle School, Late Elementary
The Manzanar Scrapbook
by Brian Kirchner
Valuable jewelry is stolen along with a scrapbook containing an old man's memories of being held as a boy in a Japanese-American internment camp in WWII. It's up to the People Movers to investigate.
  • Reading Level: 3.6
  • Interest Level: High School
The Message
by Emily Sherwood
Sienna's parents are arrested after being caught stealing from an art museum. Can a series of messages and some unlikely friends help her navigate her life's new normal?
  • Reading Level: 1.5
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary
The Secret Of The Blue Box
by Anna Cole
Three sisters discover a secret family heirloom in their old vacation home. Questions arise, and they want answers. But they're not the only ones.
  • Reading Level: 2.7
  • Interest Level: Late Elementary, Middle School
The Syrian Drummer and the Cactus Crimson Paint
by Brian Kirchner
Can three friends put their minds together to save their new bandmate from the prejudices threatening him and his family?
  • Reading Level: 2.9
  • Interest Level: High School