We're always looking for feedback from our user base. Here are some of the many great things we've heard!
From Teachers:
The kids and teachers have loved it. Many of the students have come up to me, really excited to show me the stories they’ve created on Storyshares. I noticed that most of these stories were inspired by stories they read on Story Share, a twist on the original. Since writing is one of the biggest areas where our ELL students struggle, it’s great to see them engaging in this way.
middle school principal
One of my lowest readers just finished their first Story Shares book, Jacob and the Bee Man. She just returned it with this note on top: "Ms. S, Done with this book. Can we talk about it? Yes or no? If you can, give me more books for Jacob and somebody else. I love this story." What a delight to see a traditionally reluctant reader get into this book!
middle school teacher
I am extremely grateful for this resource as a new teacher in a high need/high poverty area.
middle school teacher
After reading Jacob and the Bee Man, I had to research Story Shares and figure out the origin of this incredible program. What you all are doing is so impactful and making a huge difference in the world of literacy. Just like Mr. Finley's wife told him, "Even if you think your work is really small and doesn't mean anything. Little things mean a lot." My students' reading levels range from 2nd to 8th grade. Jacob and the Bee Man (aside from A Boy at War) was the only text that has gotten more than a couple thumbs up from these hard-to-reach kiddos. They LOVED it.
high school teacher
One student actually left in-school suspension today so she could tell me about what she read... Sometimes it is hard to focus so having interesting, easy to comprehend material for her really makes a difference. She felt really accomplished today and she connected to the story. Thank you for creating this website.
high school teacher
StoryShares has helped struggling readers in our school system fundamentally improve their ability to read, inspiring joy in readers through stories that interest them at progressive reading levels they can digest. A go-to for any curriculum.
Dr. Murray
From Experts:
Reading for meaning opens opportunities for a lifetime of learning. Providing struggling readers with engaging texts that are designed to offer both challenge and support for each individual will improve their lives for years to come. Story Shares is a wonderful start.
David Rose
Co-founder of CAST & UDL, Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Ed
Story Shares creates and provides relevant, ethical, and thoughtful resources for the many readers, educators, and families seeking support for the literacy growth and engagement of our youth.
Lisa Simon
Literacy Activist
Contests like these make us optimistic that change makers will succeed in brightening and diversifying the world of literature.
leading diversity organization
All of the stories I read were very unique. They were terrific. And they seemed just right for the target audience you were going for.
Andrea Davis Pinkney
Executive Editor, Scholastic
From Writers:
Winning the contest was a life-changing moment for me – it let me know that people really did enjoy my writing, and it has spurred me to keep writing – I've been working on a novel... So, thank you so much for the encouragement and opportunity.
emerging author
Writing for Story Shares inspires a new kind of creativity. I have written books for university presses, but this was a fresh challenge. Can one pare things down to the clearest possible language without diluting content or sacrificing accuracy? Yes. In fact, less is often more. What a fun way to participate in the Digital Age!
established author
I am excited and honored for my story to be included in your collection. I hope that it inspires at least one (hopefully many) students to enjoy the magic of reading!
teacher & author
It was a pleasure to participate in the contest and I'm so delighted that my story is a finalist in it. My son is a special-needs learner who has difficulty with reading comprehension, so the idea behind the contest is very dear to my heart. I'm happy to write anything that will help kids like my son enjoy reading and become better at it.
parent & author
For me literacy is about connection. I can write stories, I can write essays, I can write anything and without even direct face-to-face contact, I am able to communicate and influence another person. It’s an empowering experience. Writing is such a powerful tool and a way that we can broaden minds and share our own experiences.
student author