Literal: A 21st Century Reading Makeover

By Angela Dell'Isola


With social media and the internet at the forefront of daily living, there's a new generation of readers emerging, ones "who have been wired to consume 150 characters and 90 second clips." From news delivered via Twitter headlines to How-To Videos shared as 30 second Tik Tok tutorials - the information around us is becoming more and more bite-sized. 

Literal is a digital hub and application that has taken the concept of information-snacking and applied it to longer texts - books, specifically - to give them a 21st century makeover. It delivers books to readers in the format of "a familiar and friendly group messaging chat." This taps into the same brain chemistry that is being used when interacting with social media apps.

Pretty nifty, if you ask us. 

Their fast-expanding library features both classic and modern titles, and they are constantly working to add new publishers, fresh indie author voices, and Literal Originals to their shelves. They've discovered that by styling these reads in a messenger-esque format, longer texts are less initimidating. It's easier to understand who is speaking. Overall, it breaks text down to be more accessible. 

The features don't end there, though. You can even customize the images for characters in the books. By uploading your own photos or choosing from an existing library of several photos, you can create the cast for the story you're reading as you see it. You can then share these casts with friends and fellow Literal enthusiasts. So. Much. Fun.

And educators, there's an entire toolkit built-in for your classroom use. You can assign reading materials, create comprehension quizzes, and access key data on student activity and progress over time. 

One last thing, and it's beyond exciting, so brace yourself. Ready? We've partnered with Literal to create a shelf in their library of Story Shares originals! You can now snack on several of our most popular titles, from Jacob and the Bee Man to Walks With Augustus, and more. Pop on over, check it out, and fall in love. We know you will!