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  1. Inspire and share new voices | launch diverse & emerging writers by enabling them to publish their first book
  2. Build new libraries | develop bookshelves filled with engaging and accessible choices for readers in need
  3. And ultimately, create lifelong readers
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Our Mission
To create a more diverse, inclusive library
Storyshares is an organization dedicated to dreaming up a new shelf in the global library—filled with diverse, relatable, and easy-to-read books—and distributing them to the millions of underrepresented teens and adults with low literacy skills. By providing culturally relevant on-level choices, we can engage and inspire struggling readers, and help them develop the skills needed to thrive.
The Challenge
Globally, 774 million adults struggle to read proficiently. 70% of US high school students need reading remediation. They need a new kind of book (no 18-year-old wants to read Curious George). To improve literacy, we must offer engaging books for every age and level.
The Solution
We rally together a community to dream up new content: empowering writers of all backgrounds with the incentives, guidance, tools, & inspiration to craft a collection of diverse and authentic short stories.
By The Numbers
Our first 5 contests have inspired thousands of writers & teachers to craft new stories.
We've published 400+ of these entries to our collections as both eBooks & paperbacks.
We've distributed them to classrooms and libraries in every corner of the globe.
And engaged new communities of readers at every age and level.
300,000 HOURS READ
Who have spent more than 30 million minutes reading Storyshares titles.
Your Support is Transformative
The power of one book
"Robbie is almost done writing his prequel to Jacob and the Bee Man. It's amazing. It usually takes him a whole class to write two sentences. But he did this all on his own – coming in during his recess every day to work on it."

- Robbie's teacher

"One of my most hesitant readers returned this book with a note on top:

"Ms. Sus, Done with this book. Can we talk about it? Yes or no? If you can, give me more books for Jacob and somebody else. I love this story."

- Maria's teacher

Robbie was inspired to write his own prequel.
Maria went in search of a new book to read.
The State of Literacy
June 2021 by Storyshares
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They Work
A Literacy Solution
For The Love Of Reading
Everyone deserves the chance to fall in love with a book