About Us

Storyshares, a literacy organization dedicated to inspiring a love of reading across the globe.
Our Purpose
"Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope."Kofi Annan
teens & adults
above a basic level.
The key to spreading the foundational & transformational power to read? Irresistible books. Readers are made among the pages of the books they love.
At Storyshares, we are
reimagining a global library
to woo more readers and
combat illiteracy with
the joy of reading.
Our Solution
"Once you learn to read, you will be forever free."Frederick Douglass
Mission Statement
Storyshares is a literacy organization, dedicated to dreaming up a new shelf in the global library filled with diverse, compelling, and accessible books to engage & inspire the millions of underrepresented teens and adults and transform them into readers.
Storyshares is a literacy studio
A reading & writing hub for schools & families
Our comprehensive literacy resource leverages technology, community, and best practices in literacy to support struggling readers in middle school, high school, and beyond.
learning solution + maker space
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How It Works
Bringing together great content + community + technology
to spread the power of reading across the globe
Reimagined high-low library
Access eLibrary
Generating irresistible books at all interest & reading levels to fill the empty shelf in the global library
Replace these choices:
Babyish, irrelevant, embarrassing
With these:
Diverse, compelling, accessible
EdTech Hub
Digital learning studio
Providing embedded tools to engage and inspire readers + lesson plans, assessments, and tracking dashboards to support teachers
Growing Digital Library
Reimagined high-low books for middle & high school students at any reading level, & a matrix system to hone in on just right books for each reader.
Enhanced eReader
Tools and features to spur engagement, support comprehension, encourage interaction, and empower readers.
eBook Publishing Platform
Guiding students, teachers, and writers to create, design, and publish their own eBooks.
Classroom Dashboards
Tools and features to spur engagement, support comprehension, encourage interaction, and empower readers
Personal Bookshelves
Supporting teachers with plans, strategies, personalized, and classroom bookshelves and tracking tools for students of all ages and levels.
Teacher Resource Portal
With curated content around relevant topics: articles, research, how-to's, demos, tips and tricks, digital tools, and more
Interested in bringing Storyshares to your school or classroom?
Innovative content generation
Crowdsourcing to generate new content: tapping into the existing community of writers and providing them with the inspiration and guidance to create the books our readers need
Harnessing the natural symbiosis between readers & writers, to facilitate the efficient creation of fresh content, and turn this vicious cycle into a virtuous one
(it takes a village)
Where We Are
Across the Globe
Where we are
  • Readers in all 50 states &
180+ countries.
  • Learners of all ages, in every corner of the earth, spending time engrossed in Storyshares books.
  • 1,000,000 pages and 300,000 minutes of reading.
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It’s Working
We are encouraged by feedback from teachers, readers, and content experts.
Early research shows that students spend more time reading independently with Storyshares books.