Who We Are

Our Team
Louise Baigelman
Matt Haldeman
Director of Strategy
Shira Engel
Director of Education
Joshua Jones
Director of Technology
Wendy Anderson
Director of Content
Andre'A Roper
Meredith Mix
Quincy Booth
Board of Directors
Tiffany Preston
School Sales
Elisa Adelman
Board of Directors
Erica Kay
Board of Directors
Porche Carter
Education Content Designer
Eden Pancho
Executive Assistant
Helen Huynh
Marketing & Design Intern
Melanie McDermott
Education Innovation
Judges and Expert Advisory Panel
Jaya Minhas
Social Impact Program Manager
Ariel Filion
Master's Student at Harvard Graduate School of Education
Sharon G. Flake
Author of 'The Skin I'm In'
Andrea Davis Pinkney
Vice President, Scholastic Trade Books
Elissa Petruzzi
Senior Program Manager, WNDB
Colin Seale
Founder & CEO, thinkLaw
Valena D'Angelis
Rebecca Rich
Chief of Staff, Teach for All
Destany Rodriguez
Young Adult Advisor
Nick Lum
CEO, BeeLine Reader
Alicia Iraola
Young Adult Advisor
Wendy Casey
Sales Executive
Avi Sethi
Investments and Strategy
Josh Biber
Education Advisor
David Goddy
Former Publisher, Scholastic
Ayesha Rodriguez
Author & Educator
John Mayo Smith
Digital Media Consultant
Kingsley Metelus
Poet & Artist
Lenn Darla Jean Gilles
Young Adult Advisor
Lisa Simon
Literacy Expert & Educator
David Flink
CEO, Eye to Eye
Lawton Smith
CEO, Literal
Gabrielle Schlichtmann
Founder, EdTogether
Molly Shepard
CEO, The Leader's Edge
Matt Haldeman
Educator & Consultant
Kate Fusner
Novelist & Teacher
Ruth Mathurin
Young Adult Advisor
James Zug
Bobbie Bensur
Director, Children's & Teen Services (CATS) at Baker & Taylor
Bob Cunningham
Education Leader & Consultant
Barbara Mark
Educational Sales Leader
Clare Walker
Program Assistant at Justice Arts Coalition
What Storyshares Means To Us...
Shout out to the Poses Family Foundation, original funder, and Gary Herman, original cofounder.