Congratulations to our winners!
Our team would like to thank everyone who shared their stories with us, as well as this year's panel of judges for rising to the near-impossible task of honing in on the very best stories among over 1,000 titles rich in imagination. Stay tuned for upcoming publication and release dates -- we can't wait to share amazing new reads with you in the months ahead. And now, without further ado -- our winners!
When Karen Met Osama
Wasilah Morenikeji Oyekan
Freshman Karen Ryce lost her dad, Major Ryce, in the 9/11 Pentagon attack. When Palestinian Osama Malek becomes her new classmate and neighbor, she digs into his strange family while partnering on a project for Breakwater High's Diversity Day.
The Trading Card Queen
Sandra Morris
Life in a new country and caring for a little brother who's sick make Nina struggle to fit in at school. But when she joins an art club and finds new friends, she becomes the Trading Card Queen.
Discos Or Dumplings
Emily Sun
Emma is under pressure from her family to plan the perfect Chinese New Year party, but what will they think when she wants to have a Chinese-American version of the holiday?
Adesewa's Snake
Kaeoli Sapp
Adesewa's never found the magic in life, nor herself. Not with that cursed scar on her face. When she discovers that a snake-shapeshifter is hiding in her Nigerian village, the hunt for peace begins.
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