A literacy solution to empower and engage striving readers beyond the 3rd grade.

Easy to read.
Hard to put down.

Our Mission

Explore a new bookshelf filled with stories that connect with readers of all backgrounds.
Relevant Topics for
Older Students
Discover quick reads to engage pre-teens through adults with current and relatable themes.
For Any &
Every Level
Select books by reading level, with more challenging choices for students as their skills improve.
Decodable chapter books
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Paperback books
Custom literacy content
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The key to spreading the foundational & transformational power to read? Irresistible books. Storyshares offers books for readers at all levels, but with themes and characters that resonate with a wide variety of students.

Through writing contests, we engage a global and diverse community of writers to dream up new libraries filled with high-low and decodable books that engage and support the millions of teens and adults still learning to read.


"I adore the storylines. They are relevant, engaging, and comprehensible, without rigorous demands on vocabulary and background knowledge. This allows the reader to focus on what this text is designed for: developing proficiency in decoding!"

Dr. Meredith Murray


"[My students] were drawn into the stories and couldn't stop reading. They were so excited to be able to read the words!”"

Cheryl J.

Literacy Specialist, Wisconsin

"I am so very excited about the books you provide for adults seeking to develop their basic reading skills. I can't tell you how many times as an instructor I struggled to find low-level readers with adult topics. This is a godsend!"

Melissa W.

Special Educator, Massachusetts

"The students were engaged, loved the characters, and could easily connect with each text.”

Crystal L.

Special Educator, Massachusetts

"I teach 7th and 8th grade special education and I enjoyed that my students were engaged with what they were reading because the stories are written at their interest level. I also enjoyed that my students were able to read the books because they are decodable."

Becky F.

Special Educator, Kansas

"The texts are connected and the topics are more appropriate for older students. I liked all of it and so did my students! Make more of them!"

Sarah F.

Middle School Literacy Specialist, Massachusetts

"I actually gave one of our students a physical decodable yesterday, and he already read through half of it! He loved it (: I asked him to give it a score so far out of 5 stars and he said "can I give it more than that?" So sweet!"

Rachel F.

Read 718 Program Manager

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