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Interview with Finalist Phoebe Angaye

Phoebe Angaye is one of the finalists for our 2023 Story of the Year Contest. She was born in Denton, TX, and her parents are from Nigeria. She considers herself Nigerian-American. Her writing career started in 2015, when she won a Silver Key in the Scholastic Arts and Writing Competition (past recipients include Stephen King and Sylvia Plath). Since then, she has been published in several literary journals and won competitions. A full list is available on her website:


How long have you been writing/what inspired you to begin?

I’ve been writing for eight years. I would say I was inspired to write diverse stories for people that look like me, and other minorities. I love reading diverse stories, so I decided to write them.


What comes first for you - the plot or the characters - and why?

Plot! I don’t think there’s a specific reason why. I find it easier to form a plot and characters connected to that plot. I always try to make sure they revolve around one another.


Do you have a standard routine when it comes to approaching writing?

I love outlining! I always write when I have an outline down.


What tips do you have for overcoming and dealing with writer’s block?

I say to take a break, and then after that just try to write bit by bit until you’re back into your regular routine!


Stay tuned for upcoming publication and release dates for our amazing finalist stories!