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The Proof is in the Reading: Storyshares Testimonials That Speak Volumes

A chorus of praise is rising from classrooms and literacy programs across the country, and the source? Storyshares decodable chapter books. Educators are finding these innovative resources to be a game-changer in their efforts to cultivate a love of reading among all students, especially those facing reading challenges.

Here's a closer look at how Storyshares is transforming literacy experiences for older, striving readers:

  • Captivating Content: Storyshares shuns the simplistic narratives often found in decodable texts. Instead, we offer engaging stories with relatable characters and high-interest topics that students find genuinely enjoyable. Teachers report students being "drawn into the stories and couldn't stop reading" [Melissa W., Crystal L.].
  • Building Confidence Through Decodability: Storyshares' careful construction, with decodable text aligned with a structured phonics scope and sequence, empowers students to "read most of the books independently" [Heather B., Becky F.]. This newfound independence fosters a sense of accomplishment and boosts reading fluency.
  • Designed for the Older Reader: Many decodable resources cater to younger students. Storyshares understands this gap and provides materials "made for middle schoolers and look more mature than other emerging readers" [Cecilia M.]. The content avoids condescension, ensuring students "didn't feel like the stories were dumbed down" [Jessica P.].
  • Rich in Visuals and Instructional Support: Storyshares goes beyond captivating stories. The program incorporates "beautiful" books with "great visuals" [Lisa N.] to enhance comprehension. Additionally, resources like "the new educator guide with vocab, writing prompts, etc" [Jessica P.] provide valuable support for teachers in creating well-rounded reading experiences.

Storyshares decodable books are demonstrably transforming classrooms. By fostering engagement, building confidence, and offering developmentally appropriate materials, Storyshares is helping students of all abilities discover the joy of reading.

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