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What Does it Mean to be a Reader in the 21st Century?

The world of reading is no longer confined to physical books. In the 21st century, being a reader goes hand-in-hand with navigating the vast digital landscape. This means equipping students with the skills to be safe, responsible, and effective in their online interactions.

Digital Literacy: The New Essential

Today's readers need a strong foundation in digital literacy. This encompasses the ability to:

  • Search and Analyze Information: Students can leverage their reading skills to find credible sources online, evaluate information critically, and separate fact from fiction.
  • Utilize Digital Tools: From online learning platforms to research databases, students should be comfortable using various digital tools to enhance their reading experience.

Digital Citizenship: Reading with Responsibility

Just like navigating the physical world, the online world requires responsible behavior. Digital citizenship is the core principle of using technology safely and ethically. It ensures a positive online environment for everyone, fostering respect, inclusivity, and responsible communication.

To learn more, we suggest checking out Common Sense Media’s digital citizenship curriculum.

Learning Through Storytelling: Digital Citizenship in Action

Storyshares takes a unique approach to teaching digital citizenship through a captivating decodable series, Group Chat, Ink. This story unfolds through a group chat, showcasing how characters like Max, Min, and Arin interact thoughtfully and respectfully online. As students delve into the story, they learn valuable lessons about responsible online behavior.

Why Storyshares Chose This Innovative Format

Storyshares understands the importance of relatable and relevant learning materials for young adults.

Here's what makes this book stand out:

  • Relatable and Engaging: Presented in a short, accessible format that teens find interesting.
  • Positive Online Role Models: The characters demonstrate clear and positive communication through text.
  • Decodable and Accessible: Even informal language and abbreviations found in texting are presented in a clear and understandable way, encouraging proper sentence structure and grammar.

In the 21st century, reading extends beyond the printed page. Storyshares demonstrates that digital literacy and responsible online behavior are essential skills for readers to navigate the ever-evolving world of information.

Group Chat, Ink is a part of our Middle School Decodable Collection. To check out the rest of the books in the series, visit our eLibrary.