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Reading can build empathy and self-esteem, or elicit anxiety and shame. Find a collection of research and tips for teachers around all things social & emotional here.
Research Shows Reading Improves Kids’ Emotional Intelligence and Increases Empathy
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“Studies show that reading can help kids build developmental skills of emotional intelligence and empathy, enabling our young readers to better connect with other perspectives and human experiences.”
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The Relationship Between Empathy and Reading Fiction: Separate Roles for Cognitive and Affective Components
"Getting lost in a book" can have positive implications for real-world experiences. This study pays attention to the mental processes associated with reading fiction and how they relate to real world thoughts and behaviors, specifically: human empathy.
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Reading is Good for Your Mental Health
“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Decades worth of data have proven that reading can positively and significantly impact mental and emotional health.
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