The Summer Slide
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"The Summer Slide" refers to the way reading skills regress in the summer months. The good news? The best remedy may just be "supplying students with engaging and comprehensive reading materials."
Importance of Summer Reading
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One of the most effective means of improving reading achievement levels is supplying students with engaging and comprehensive reading materials. Increasing access to self-selected books for summer reading is an effective strategy for lowering summer reading setback in economically disadvantaged students and the achievement gap in students between high-low socioeconomic statuses (Allington et al., 2010).
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Summer Learning Loss: Why Its Effect Is
Why is summer learning loss strongest among low-income students and what can we do to combat it?
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Lost Summers: Few Books and Few Opportunities to Read
Why is it so important to enhance children's access to books during the summer, particularly in underserved and disadvantaged communities?
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Summer Reading 2021 When COVID met Summer Slide
Now more than ever, students are at-risk of summer slide, due to learning interruptions caused by the covid pandemic. Here are some critical resources and strategies for keeping learning alive over the summer months.
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12 Ways to Keep Students Reading This Summer
A carefully curated list of 12 ways to create a summer of reading for the student in your life.
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